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Professional Catalog Printing from SESE PRINTING

31 May 2019 - Professional Catalog Printing,custom catalog

What is catalog? It can help with publicizing and showing the roughly information about your company or your products.But how many kind of professional catalog can be printed? Now let’s learn about the professional catalog printing.

custom catalog printing

There are some different material and binding for professional catalog printing. Mostly are glossy art paper, matte art paper, and offset paper. Of course glossy art paper will be the mostly use. Different binding depends on different paper stock and different products and different line. Usually in supermarket, the paper stock will be thin and mostly are saddle stitching binding and fold. 80 gsm -105 gsm glossy art paper with full color printing will be mostly use. For the company profile, 105-157 gsm glossy art paper will be mostly use. And perfect binding and saddle stitching binding will be common one. Not all the professional catalog are the same

Some professional catalog for products such as hair products and cloth catalog and leather catalog. In order tough can feel its quality, so mostly are printing out the catalog and then glue the products on the catalog. For this kind of professional catalog, mostly are hardcover with thick inside paper stock, such as 300-350 gsm glossy art paper. So that it can strong enough to hold the samples on the pages and won’t be broken. And its binding will like binder with rings binding.

Beside coated paper, offset paper will be widely used on the instruction brochure, mostly are black and white printing on 80 gsm offset paper. And mostly are saddle stitching and trifold finding. Above is common material and binding and paper stock for professional catalog. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us, we will make our best to help with you.



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