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How to make the “delicious” cook books

09 Dec 2019 - custom cook books

What do you care most when you want to print a cook book? Most clients are thinking about how to make the book look more attractive, or more “delicious”. So how to make the cook books delicious?

custom cook book printing services

  When your cook book already has very wonderful words and perfect pictures, then in order to make your book more delicious, you need to consider how to print this cook book. The most important thing on printing the cook books are the material and surface finish. As the printing factory which has rich experience on different cook books printing, we have some advices for you:

  Firstly, material is very important. Material means paper material, commonly we will use glossy art paper, matte art paper and offset paper to make the cook books. Glossy art paper will have the glossy effect, will make the pages brighter. Matte art paper will have the matte effect, some clients thinks the matte art paper looks more superior. Glossy art paper and matte art paper are belongs to coated paper material. But the offset paper is the uncoated paper which is very often to use in the notebooks, the ink absorbency of the offset paper will be stronger than glossy art paper and matte art paper, if you need to write the notes on the cook books often, then we suggest you to make the books with offset paper.

  Secondly, different surface finish will make the books more dynamic. The most common and basic surface finish is the glossy lamination and matte lamination. You also can add some other finish based on the lamination. For example, you can choose to embossing/debossing/spot UV/foil stamping the title on the cover which can makes the book title more obvious when people look at your cook book. Or you can choose to make some glitter on the cover, then your books will be looks more colorful and attractive. Except the cover, you can do some surface finish on the inside pages as well. If you want to do the matte art paper for the inside pages, maybe you can do the spot UV on the food pictures which can make the pictures more outstanding and delicious!

There are so many possibilities to make your cook book more delicious! If you have any ideas, please contact us! We will always here to provide the most professional services and advices to you!



ADD: 301, NO.233 PingKang Road, Shiqiao St.,Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China 511400

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