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What Kind OF Binding Can Use On Customized notebook printing

21 Mar 2019 - customized notebook printing,custom notebook printing

Nowadays, Notebooks becomes more and more popular. Some people will regard them as a gift for their friends. So some distributors or retailers or wholesalers will create their own design for the customized notebook . Some design and finished of the the customized notebook is really luxury. So it will be a very nice gift which has owned the practical and beautiful.custom notebook printing services

The material of the customized notebook is different from different countries and culture. Most of developed countries would like the luxurious and recyclable notebooks while some African people and Middle East countries will prefer leather notebooks. So different notebooks will have different binding. Let’s talk about the different binding for different notebooks.

For the customized luxurious and recyclable hardcover notebooks, the material of the cover mostly are paper, and then print the pretty design on it and them with LOGO foil stamping or debossing or embossing or other finished. And some hardcover binding notebook will have ribbons ( bookmarks). There are some binding for it, such as wire-o or spiral binding, hidden wire-o or hidden spiral binding. Hardcover binding. Of course, a luxurious notebooks can not without a luxurious packages, do you agree with me? For the packages of the customized notebook , you can choose the luxurious top and bottom box, book-type box, drawer box, corrugated box.

For the customized recyclable notebooks, you can also choose saddle stitching binding, perfect binding, section sewn binding and paperback locking binding and ancient book binding. For these notebooks , they are not as luxurious and durable as hardcover notebooks. Cause there is without hard grey board on the cover.

There are some difference of the binding between the leather notebooks and luxurious and recyclable notebooks. For the leather notebooks, you can choose hardcover binding, rings binding, iron clip binding and paperback locking binding. Although there are less binding options can be chose, but you can choose the different leather material. There has different quality level. And you and add a magnet strip as a closure.

Whatever luxurious and recyclable notebooks or leather notebooks do you need. I am confident that we can offer you the good quality and best service. Please kindly contact us at : http://www.book-printing-factory.com/ 

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