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What Paper Should We Used To Do Planner

18 Nov 2019 - custom planner,custom agenda print

Hello! How is your day?! Thank you for your attention to my personal thinking of paper use when custom planner & journal & diary.

Well, before we talk about paper stock, let’ s see the combination of a planner first: a planner combine with cover, end-paper, inner pages and tabs, also will add up folded pocket, kiss-cut sticker if customer request. Each combination use different paper stock.

custom high quality planner print

Let’ s see what paper used to make planner cover! First, cover always made by 157gsm C2S glossy art paper stick with 2MM gray board and 120gsm wood-free endpaper. 90% of our planners’ cover are made by these material. If customer has special request for cover thickness, there has 1.5MM, 2.5MM, 3MM thickness for cover can be chosen. And certainly, the cost for material will be increase if use thicker material.

Secondly is the inner pages of a planner: there’ re a lot customers do not have request on paper stock, then we suggest use 100gsm paper for both full color printing and black&white printing in case of ink bleed. When you inquiry a higher quality of inner pages, 120gsm wood-free would suit you better!!!

Thirdly as for tabs pages, you can say it dividers as well:) The tabs pages always comes at full color printing and mylar coated on monthly, yearly tabs. When for mylar coated, it need a really strong paper to make it last and durable, so 140gsm wood-free paper is usually used. Of course, if you would like that tabs pages are touch like a cardboard, then 160gsm wood-free is quick good.

Some customer request pockets place on cover or binding with inner pages, that would be a much attractive idea cause user can store some mini cards or ticket on pocket, sometimes required writing on pocket, under these usage, pocket should be made by strong 160gsm wood-free paper to strong enough for often use!

Lastly for kiss- cut sticker, there’re 2 kinds of sticker paper can be chosen, one material can be writing, that is made by wood-free paper, one do not support writing, that is glossy paper. Which material do you prefer?

Above paper are what we usually do for planner! Do you have need to custom 2020 planner? You’ re welcome to get a quote at: http://www.book-printing-factory.com. Your inquiry will get a quick attention. Warmly welcome to visit our store at Alibaba for more information: http://seseprinting.en.alibaba.com.



ADD: 301, NO.233 PingKang Road, Shiqiao St.,Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China 511400

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